Our Team

Our Team

These are the current club officers of The Science Society in Fall 2018. One of the main values in our organization is collaborative leadership. That is why instead of focusing on a hierarchical approach to leadership, we focus on equality among our leaders. Every one of our officers is committed to providing quality events for our campus centered around fun, friendship, and STEM.

Our Officers

The Science Society Club Officers President Christine Lovell

Christine Lovell

Christine is a Life Science Major and wants to work in Neuropsychology. As a former officer of South Campus’s Coyote Science Club, she realized that there was not an active science organization on Central Campus. In September of 2018 she established The Science Society. As President she is responsible for directing and planning all club events.

Email: Lovell.C631520@stu.sanjac.edu

    A photo of Ashley the Vice President of The Science Society

    Ashley Medina

    Ashley is a Life Science major and wants to work as a Science Professor. She joined The Science Society in the fall of 2018 as our Public Relations Officer, but has since been promoted to Vice President. Ashley helps plan meetings and events and leads the meetings in the absence of Christine. Ashley is a hard worker and has great ideas for our meetings!

    Email: medina.a978117@stu.sanjac.edu

      The Science Society Club Officer Secretary Romeo

      Romeo Charcas

      Romeo is a Life Science major and is still exploring what field he would like to specialize in. He joined The Science Society in the fall of 2018 as our Treasurer but was promoted to Secretary in Spring 2019. Romeo records notes on our meetings, and helps keep our records updated. Romeo often helps us out by opening our tabling booths since most of us have class until the afternoons.

      Email: Romeo.charcas@gmail.com

        A photo of Nelson the Treasurer of The Science Society

        Nelson Ruiz

        Nelson is a Mechanical Engineer major. He was voted in as treasurer in Spring of 2019. As treasurer Nelson helps create our budget, manages club funds, and helps manage fundraisers. Nelson is an avid reader and loves discussions.

        Email: nnrlorenzo@gmail.com

          A photo of Hayleigh the Public Relations Officer of The Science Society

          Hayleigh Reuther

          Hayleigh is a Chemistry major with a Life Science minor and wants to research and develop pharmaceuticals. Hayleigh became the Public Relations Officer in Spring of 2019. She is the warm face of The Science Society and helps facilitate collaboration between our organization and other student bodies on campus.

          Email: h.reuther769966@stu.sanjac.edu

            Angelina Kittley

            Angelina is a Business major. She joined The Science Society in the fall of 2018 as our Historian / Social Media Guru. As the Historian, Ashley keeps the club history alive by documenting our events by photo and video and updating our social media. Angelina adds a little spice to our group with her quick wit and humor.

            Email: kittleyangelina@gmail.com

              Our Faculty Advisers

              A photo of the Faculty Advisor Professor Wagner

              Camille Wagner

              Call: (281) 998-6150 Ext: 1668

              Email: camille.wagner@sjcd.edu

                Mindy Murray

                Call: (281) 998-6150 Ext: 1674

                Email: mindy.murray@sjcd.edu