Goodbye Fall 2018, Hello Spring 2019

Our last meeting of the fall semester was December 5th. We reviewed all the events of the semester in a power point. Although we started in October our organization met almost every goal we set at the beginning of the semester. We had nine regular members, and strong active leadership. We brought two speakers in […]

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Volunteering at the Children’s Museum Houston

On December 1st, 2018 We headed to the Children’s Museum Houston for our semester volunteer event from 10-2pm! When we planned the trip, we thought that we would be helping kids with programming. Unfortunately it was a miscommunication, but regardless we HAD A BLAST! We helped kids and parents make their way around the museum, and […]

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Stem Speaker: Aerospace Engineer Franky De La Garza

On November 28th, 2018 aerospace engineer Franky De La Garza came to share the story of how he landed his dream job in the aerospace engineering field. Franky recounted his childhood growing up in poverty in the Valley, and how his involvement in band really helped shape his future in school and his education. He talked […]

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The Philosophy of Science

On November 14th, 2018 The Science Society welcomed Dr. Steven Peña to speak on the philosophy of science. Dr. Peña was an amazing speaker and made some really interesting points about how facts can be used to support multiple theories or viewpoints. My favorite part of his lecture was when he drew a graph of […]

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Community Service Project Planning 11/7/18 - 3 P.M. - C19.121

Community Service and Žižek

In our last meeting we really got down to business and worked out future club events. A lot of our plans changed. We decided to push back the debate until next semester. We also didn’t realize that the building would be closed on the 21st of November when we asked Dr. Peña to speak, so we […]

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The Science Society students gather to pose for a picture in their halloween costumes


If you weren’t there for The Science Society Halloween party, you missed out! We had an amazing time! We had two new people join us. Ashley and Christine brought tons of decorations. Everyone brought food! Romeo brought Pizza, Ashley brought homemade Rice Crispy monsters. Sam brought brownies, chips, and candy. Christine brought a boiling cauldron […]

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Election Day

The day of the election was October 24th, 2018. Since a few people were running late for the meeting Christine decided to start the meeting with the video submissions she had asked for in the newsletter. Ashley had submitted a video called Squirrel McNastyface. In the video, two women dissect a squirrel with an extreme […]

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Three members of The Science Society stand in front of a recruitment table with a large T-rex skeleton replica

What? A T-Rex in the Student Center?

On October 17th, 2018 our members and Professor Murray helped plan the tabling event. Christine was absent due to a family emergency, but even without her, everyone pitched in and helped. That is when Christine knew she had a great group of people! On October 23th, 2018, a day before our next meeting, we held […]

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First Meeting 10/10/18 - 3 P.M. - C19.121


Our first meeting was on October 10th, 2018. Worried about the amount of people who might show up, Christine ordered six pizzas to make sure everyone got some pizza. When 3 PM rolled around only five people had shown up (Most of whom are our officers, heh). Christine fondly remembers it as the day that […]

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Student Stands in front of trifold advertising for The Science Society

The Journey Begins

In the beginning of the fall semester of 2018, Christine realized that there was no active science organization on campus. Since she had previous experience leading the Coyote Science Club at South Campus she decided to get an organization at Central Campus. Thus, The Science Society was formed. On September 12th, 2018, Christine set up […]

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