About the Science Society

Our History

The Science Society was established in the fall of 2018 at the Central Campus of San Jacinto Community College. The organization was created to give students a space to meet weekly and bond in the common interest of science while having fun. The Science Society aims to add value to the campus and its students by providing STEM related campus activities, exposure to STEM Careers, leadership roles, and community service opportunities.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a fun, social environment where like-minded science enthusiasts can connect and find opportunities to build knowledge and experience in the STEM field.

Our Values

Fun and Friendship

Being a student takes a lot of hard work and dedication which often comes at the expense of a social life and fun. The Science Society wants to provide an easily accessible place for students to come and have fun and make friendships. We do this by creating fun and engaging activities for members to participate in. We also created a Discord Server so our members can chat outside of meetings. You can join that here.

Collaborative Leadership

Students attend college to learn information and skills that they need to succeed in their careers and overall in their life. Collaboration and Leadership are two of those major skills. In The Science Society, we give students the opportunity to build those skills by offering real leadership positions. Our officers will learn to effectively build and run an organization by working collaboratively as a team. You can learn about our organizations leadership team here.

Community Service

Many of our members feel passionately about making a difference in the world. By developing community service projects our members can gain valuable skills and experience that they can use to build a resume, all while changing the community in a positive way. It is our goal to plan one community service project per semester.

STEM Education and Outreach

At the core, The Science Society has a deep love for exploration, and truth. We believe that everyone can benefit from a better understanding of the world we live in. Our organization promotes STEM education by actively seeking to bring in professionals from the STEM field, offering volunteer work, and by conducting fun experiments that further the understanding of scientific concepts.