Volunteering at the Children’s Museum Houston

Volunteering at the Children’s Museum Houston

The members of The Science Society pose for a group photo before a trip to Houston Children's Museum

On December 1st, 2018 We headed to the Children’s Museum Houston for our semester volunteer event from 10-2pm! When we planned the trip, we thought that we would be helping kids with programming. Unfortunately it was a miscommunication, but regardless we HAD A BLAST!

We helped kids and parents make their way around the museum, and cleaned up. Our favorite activity by far was Kidtropolis though. We all let our hair down and pretended to be super market clerks, bank workers, and fry cooks while playing with the kids. Some of our team made origami crowns and Kevin left little foxes everywhere.

We also stopped in at the ecology center and got some fresh air

Three memebers of The Science Society help outside of the Children's Museum Houston

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