Stem Speaker: Aerospace Engineer Franky De La Garza

Stem Speaker: Aerospace Engineer Franky De La Garza

On November 28th, 2018 aerospace engineer Franky De La Garza came to share the story of how he landed his dream job in the aerospace engineering field. Franky recounted his childhood growing up in poverty in the Valley, and how his involvement in band really helped shape his future in school and his education. He talked about overcoming a major loss in his family and how regardless of the setbacks in his classes he continued his studies and eventually graduated.

The members of The Science Society stand with aerospace engineer Franky De La Garza

Next he explained how he gained valuable engineering skills in the oil and gas field. At Invensys Franky learned how to program safety shutdown systems for turbines. Meantime he kept his resume current and checked in often with recruiters looking for new opportunities. Eventually he was offered a contract position working on the Orion 2 mission. Franky showed us a video and explained about the Orion mission, and then answered questions.

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